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Pandora Hearts x40 [SPOILERS FOR CHAPTER 65]
-23 Gilbert
-9 Vincent
-4 Oz
-2 Leo
-1 Elliot
-1 Ada

Kuroshitsuji x29
Are You Alice? x16
-Mad Hatter
D.Gray-man x9
-Fou ... kinda


Wow these really pile up...Collapse )
18 May 2010 @ 09:02 pm
It's... been a while! So, some old icons, mostly new icons thanks to a hard drive failure fjdskljkl this is basically the equivalent of cleaning out my closet. 8D;; SO MANY FOU ICONS. Oh my god, and is it just me or did she suddenly get really pretty?!


Some vague spoilers for chapters 193.5 and 196?

Programmed to fight 'til the very endCollapse )

Commenting isn't necessary (although it totally makes my day), however, crediting is. Thank you!

Edit: Okay, so I went back and fixed some that I weren't happy with. Find them in this post!
23 February 2008 @ 12:07 am
kiku requested I make some Toki icons. Um... I may have gone a bit overboard..?


If you wanna get through life, you've gotta think positive.Collapse )

Commenting isn't necessary (although it totally makes my day), however, crediting is. Thank you!
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23 January 2008 @ 03:08 pm
Aah... I decided I wanted to RP Tsuyukusa, and then I got a bit carried away with making icons.. for an RP I haven't even joined yet. Ahaha..


Obsessive-compulsive? What's that?Collapse )

:D I also take requests~.

Commenting isn't necessary (although it totally makes my day), however, crediting is. Thank you!
16 October 2007 @ 12:59 pm
Ah-HAH! I've got my icon groove back! Possibly because The Sarah Jane Adventures is so colorful, it appeals to my ongoing love affair with colors (which is, once again, very evident in this batch). *cough* Please ignore the abundance of Luke icons.


High School Musical momentsCollapse )

Commenting isn't necessary (although it totally makes my day), however, crediting is.
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I wanted to add fic.. but I'm too eager to post this! It was really meant to be a Deesha-only thing, but then it.. evolved. I really really like how it turned out. I was going for songs that were a bit unusual (though that doesn't mean they haven't been played a million times on the radio). My favorite part is probably how The Saints Are Coming finishes it up.

Again, I have a terrible sense of humor.

'A total of six Exorcists, all dead. Including the Finders, that's a total of 148 confirmed dead.'Collapse )
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Ths is a pet project I've been working on, ever since I remembered a certain song by Pansy Division called Bill and Ted's Homosexual Adventure. I have a terrible sense of humor.

click for larger image click for larger image

Stop The World; A Billy & Teddy FSTCollapse )

Phew! Why yes, I do realize how cheap/cheesy most of these songs are.
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23 April 2007 @ 03:27 am
14 Young Avengers icons under the cut.


Don't PanicCollapse )

They're all hoopy froods who really know where their towels're at. And thus continues my on-going love affair with too much color (especially purple).

Commenting isn't neccessary (although nice), however, crediting is.
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15 April 2007 @ 02:38 am
10 Young Avengers icons under the cut.


I'd rather be at Space CampCollapse )

Dude, you're never too old for Space Camp.

Commenting isn't neccessary, however, crediting kotonaru is.
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Title: Changing For The Better (a.k.a. The Adventures of Captain Asshole)
Fandom: Young Avengers
Characters/Pairing: Pre-Billy Kaplan/Teddy Altman
Rating: PG
Notes: These boys have taken over my soul. Fic takes place before they started dating (hence pre-Billy/Teddy)
Summary: Teddy has something important to show Billy, but Billy doesn't seem to know how to talk without inadvertently making an ass out of himself.

William Kaplan, or Billy to anyone that wasn't a teacher, checked his watch for the eighth time in less than five minutes.Collapse )
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